Website design course

-Kartaat is an organization specialized in the development of the advertising industry,
– kartaat offers a free web design course.
– Learn how to design websites using WordPress.
– The program is very simple and does not require a programming language.
– online training is provided
– Learn how to design a simple website like a blog or photo gallery at the first level
– The duration of the level is two weeks
– The trainer needs a laptop and an internet line.
– A domain name is required for the trainee after the first lesson.
– After passing the second level, you will be able to design a commercial website.                                                                                                  -After finshing the course you can earn more than $2000 per month.
– The course is in a simple and easy English language.
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Terms and Conditions

  1. I declare that all the data sent     are correct.
  2.  I acknowledge that all websites are of my own design.
  3. Cards have the right to refuse or accept any request as it deems appropriate.
  4.  To complete the application, please agree to the terms by clicking on the box.